I like to look. I like to capture. Snippets and framings. Surreptitiously and obviously. Truly and manipulated. It all depends….

This is a purposeful statement from my recent show. I think it apt.


Key was born in Louisville,KY, just before Sputnik was also launched. She spent the summer of 1974 as a scholarship student at Parsons School of Design in NYC. Returning to Louisville, she attended the Louisville School of Art, where her intent to be a painter was hijacked by the lure of Punk Rock.

Key’s paintings and photographs have appeared as much of the album art for Antietam’s nine releases, two solo records, and two collaborations with Rick Rizzo, spanning 25 years.

 Artist’s Statement: Elemental

As a pre-teen, I picked up a paintbrush and opened my lenses when I first had something to say. I bartered the brush for an electric guitar at Art School. My goal from here on out is to make them co-exist peaceably.

I just like looking through windows. Narrowing down the range to the peephole.

I thrill to a good vista as much as anyone, but I find myself drawn more to the pieces of the whole: casually perfect groupings of buffeted quartz at Montauk, menacing Mammatus clouds, the inverse tattoo of a severe storm − lines mowed in a field and trees symmetrically missing their limbs. And reflections have a say in the way it all looks.

One thought on “ABOUT

  1. Nice NYC photos, especially the rainy ones. And the reflections.
    So many building juxtapositions to photograph there!
    We saw Antietam in ’95 at Cicero’s pizza and basement dive in St Louis, where I bought Rope-A-Dope and Tara’s 2nd solo album. Have played “Hands Down” on the community radio station here in the Ozarks, at Cabool. And love the solo album, need to dig it out of the piles of stuff one discovers while moving. Bought Bourbon County on a visit to NYC at the old Tower Records on 72nd.
    On those times driving to St Louis from the Ozarks, still occasionally photographing the bourbon tower.
    Some of these photos rock hard and make me want to be back in the city….

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